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Daily life of School

Sound of bells, doors being opened and closed, fade of noise and screech and like all the educational institutions, the secondary school of Tatev starts its regular working day. It is already 70 years the school gives its students secondary education. During the activities of school a gold fund of graduates modified, which has been reinforced with scientists, academics, businessmen and the persons who presented their honest services to Armenia.
Teachers having pedagogical rich experience are teaching in school who give their knowledge impartially to their students. All the subjects foresee by the educational plans are taught and the lessons become the most material and accessible according to the laboratory and experimental works and didactic materials. Today school isn't imparting of being replenished modern technologies. In school acting Internet Computer Center makes another supplementary opportunity to flavor the given theme the most effective, instructive and fresh information. The large area of Internet informative connection contributes to organizing the parties successfully in school, which promotes more growth for students' intellectual level and the design of taste.

Our educators thoughts

  • Educator won't be created or one must be born. The teacher must be provided the best human manners. She/he must be capable, virtuous, sway her/his profession and has skills to treat with schoolchildren. And the most important: the teacher must be the provided with high culture of behavior and treatment. The educator is the mirror of society, in which is reflected the face of grown generation, especially youth. She/he conditions the intellectual level of the grown generation. "Teacher" is a rank with wide conception of social level.
  • The teacher must be the prettiest and the most capable person of the country. He/she must make his/herself a joyful spring for little creatures. He/she must fulfill a human ideal. Real educator walks with nation, parallel to its life, lives with its anxiety and expectations, and act as an art-critic.

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