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Principle of the School

He was born on the 2-nd of September in 1949 in Tatndzatap village of Syunik region in Armenia.
In 1955-56 he went to an eight-year school in Tandzatap. In1965-66 school year he finished the secondary school after S. Arakelyan in Tatev.
In 1968-70 he served in Soviet Army.
In 1971 he entered Physics Faculty of Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan of
Yerevan and graduated from it in 1975 by specialization of Physics teacher.
In 1975-77 he worked in Tandzatap School as a teacher, in 1977-82 as a principle.
Since, 1982 on the 5-th of February he worked in Tatev Branch of "SPIN" factory of Kapan. He worked as a shop superintendent, then as a shop production, and till 1998 as a director of enterprise.
In 1998-2001 he worked in Tandzatap School as a teacher. Since the 1st of September in 2002, he worked at Tatev School as a director of studies. From the 6th of December in 2002 to the 3rd of August as an acting director.
Since the 3rd of August he is the principle of the secondary school of Tatev.
He is married and has 3 children.

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