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Chronicle of Tatev School

  • Tatev secondary school after S. Arakelyan has 150 years history.

  • In 1847 Tatev population to Ejmiatsin holy government, leadership for having school in the village.

  • In 1852 a holy school was organized according to the decision of Ejmiatsin:

  • In 1852-79 the school had 2 classrooms where 50-70 schoolchildren studied.

  • In 1879-96 it had 4 classrooms, with 120-180 schoolchildren.
    The school was acting in monastery rooms, but in the future the school was removed from the monastery to the village.

  • In 1924 the village council undertook the building of a new school in the village.

  • Early of 1925 the school building was started.

  • In 1926 the school was put into operation in the new building. At that time the school condition was hard.
  • In 1933 a building was built called "Old school", which was restarted as a factory.

  • In 1924-31 the school was elementary.

  • In 1933-38: seven-years.

  • Since 1939 secondary education was taught.

  • In 1974 the building of the present acting school was built.

  • In 2001 a new page was added to the biography of School: "Culture and land" social philanthropy organization initiated the school-building renewal. In July and August it was foresee to repair the elementary section. The organization sent volunteers, young Armenians from USA, Canada, France who took part in the reconstruction of the school building.
    At the beginning of the educational year, the work was already near to finish. The volunteers worked with enthusiasm and consciousness of the importance of their work. The roof andthe sport hall were renovated entirely. This work expedition was marked for LCO by thfact that among the young volunteers of 18-20 years old, the older ones were included, who didn't give way to their young friends over their zeal. As for real liveevidence, there were a father and daughter by the surname of Aslanyans' who participated in the program. The renovation of the school wasn't the first project of LCO in Tatev. Again in 1995 Tatev village hosted LCO volunteers. In 1995-97 Sts. Minas church and the hospital in some extent were repaired by the organization.

  • In 2002 it was the 150th anniversary of establishment of Tatev new school. On the 27-th, 28-th, and 29-th of September a number of parties were organized in Tatev.
    Exhibition in Tatev School and monastery
    Creation of Foundation
    An open of museum
    Scientific-Practice conference: Romik Harutyunyan, the graduate of Tatev, an academic of Chemical Science conducted the party. Famous Academics, Doctors and Historians of Historical and Artistic Science, Sokrat Mkrtchyan, the principle of "Tatev Scientific Educational Complex" and others made reports at the conference.
    Grand meeting: Sokrat Mkrtchyan, the manager of initiative group of recommendation was conducting it.
    Meetings with the scientists, artists, holy men, governors and representatives of other organizations: Discussions of plans.

  • On the 7-th of July, in 2003 according to the 59 True Certificate of the Educational and Cultural Affairs of Armenia, Tatev Secondary school deserved a memorandum medal for making contribution to the field at the Educational and Cultural Affairs of Armenia.

  • In the fall of 2003 Tatev village received the first TEFL Peace Corps volunteer. Volunteer Melissa Bacher work with Zarine Vardanyan English teacher of Tatev secondary school. The goals of her English education project is to:
    1. To provide quality learning to students of English at all levels.
    2. To work with existing English teacher and promote new skills.
    3. To improve the quality and availability of curricular methods and;
    4. To strengthen linkages between schools and community.

    The United States Peace Corps was established in 1961 to promote World peace. American citizens men and women of all ages and ethnic background are selected based upon their experience and academic background, to serve two years as Peace Corps volunteers. Currently more than 1500 Americans are volunteering in more than 76 countries.
    The government of the Unites States signed an agreement with the government of Armenia establishing the Peace Corps in Armenia in 1992. Since that time more than 260 Volunteers have been placed in Armenian cities and villages. Volunteers work with Armenian counterparts and organizations to improve English education, community health education and business education.

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