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The History of Tatev village

Though having about two thousands-years history, there is no information, no book, where the past and present events have been reflected about Tatev village.
Tatev is well known as a medieval famous educational center, and being famous, it is not only an interest to all Armenians, but also to the amateurs of International culture who find interest in Tatev's captivating history.
The origin of Tatev isn't known, though the historical facts certify that this ancient residence had existed before the third century, AD. "Tatevyanq"; as a power kin, were mentioned in Neses's letter to throne. This must conclude that Tatev is an ancient power residence before the polytheism. There were traditions, about the origin of Tatev connected with the name of Evstatev or Statevos as a student of Sts. Thaddeus who introduced Christianity to Syunik at the end of the third century. With time Statevos had been modified and became Tatev. "Tatev " is also mentioned in Gheishe's letter to throne in the beginning of the 4-th century.
At the entrance of the 21st century was Tatev's village 1700 anniversary.
Two circumstances played an important role in the growth of Tatev authority: the natural extravagant beauty and inconceivable propitious position, which is like an unassailable castle and the church being built there, which besides becoming the holy center of Eastern Armenia, also was the scientific and cultural biggest center.

The hill where Tatev and the monastery of the same name were built is one of the most picturesque places and unique miracle of the nature. The bow mountain line surrounded the hill by three sides, leaving a narrow eastern space looking into the boundless distaaramazdnce, a rock, under which a river hurtles down gulf ravine. The valley seems menacing and the rising to the sky in the southern-west which is called after Aramazd the father of the pagan Gods.
The person visited Tatev for the first time feels her/himself on the roof of the world and the earth hasn't any tilling after Aramazd. And there where an opened area is made by the edges of the mountain chain, a rocky peninsula extended triangularly on a deep precipice. To the addition of the natural miracle a handiwork wonder was done: the famous Tatev monastery was built here as unique architectural column, as a torch of separating the light of science and literacy in the obscurity.

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